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What’s whizwall

Whizwall is the Augmented Reality Interactive Walls App, making in-person, virtual and hybrid events and meetings, more interactive and engaging. With the whizwall app you can draw, type and interact on large augmented reality interactive walls, turning your mobile into an air mouse. Move your mobile through the air like a spray can, or simply use your finger on the screen. You can also place coloured sticky notes with typed text and emojis onto whizwalls.


Available as a licenced option, whizbricks enables mass visual collaboration. Each participant is allocated their own individual space, displayed as a brick on a virtual wall. Thousands of bricks can be created, and the most recently updated 50 bricks can be displayed live on a video wall or screen, as well as online.


Download the app and then just scan or click this QR code on your mobile to join the wall below and create your own brick. You can also click individual bricks on the wall to zoom in.

Social Engagement walls

Whizwall integrates with popular Social Walls such as and Flockler, enabling completed bricks to be automatically posted alongside social content, or moderated and curated prior to publishing onto the wall.


Whizwall integrates with virtual 3D environments such as 


There's a multitude of applications for whizwall ~ scroll through below to discover more. 

Virtual wall

Virtual wall provides a fun and engaging experience within virtual online spaces, enabling visitors to engage as if they are attending in-person.

Event wall

Due to the live audience participation and visual impact, whizwall can draw large crowds, creating a real buzz and a high level of engagement.

Kids wall

Kids wall provides a fun and highly engaging, live digital art experience, for kids of all ages.

Team wall

Team wall is designed to bring everyone in your organisation back together, wherever they are, enabling everyone to share their thoughts and ideas whenever they want – in the office, at home or wherever they are.

Workshop wall

Workshop wall makes collaborative workshops more interactive and engaging, providing an equivalent user experience for in-person and online attendees.

Wedding wall

Everyone can get involved, either before or during the wedding, to express their congratulations and personal messages to the happy couple. 

Graduation wall

Everyone can get involved, whether attending in-person or remotely, by simply scanning a unique QR code displayed at the graduation ceremony or online.

Art wall

Art wall provides a fun and highly engaging, live digital art experience, for public participation at art galleries and exhibitions.

Promo wall

Due to the live audience participation and visual impact, whizwall can draw large crowds, create a real buzz and increase engagement.

Store wall

Store wall provides a fun and engaging in-store experience, which can increase store footfall and extend dwell time.

How will you use

whizwall ?

It’s up to you how you use whizwall – on your own or with a group, together in the same room or remotely from anywhere.


Here’s a few whiz ideas to inspire YOU 


Create Graffiti Art

Create walls by yourself or with others – indoors, outdoors, wherever you like.


More Effective Meetings

Run more effective online workshops and meetings, actively engaging all attendees.


Brainstorm Ideas

Jump on a whizwall to brainstorm ideas visually, together in the same room or online.


Team Collaboration

Create a team ideas wall to openly share ideas, suggestions and comments at any time.


Bringing People Together

Bring groups together in-person and remotely, with a company, school or club whizwall.


Just For Fun

Or simply just enjoy doodling, sketching, colouring and playing drawing games, on your own or with friends.

Whatever you use whizwall for, we’re sure you’ll find it fun & engaging

Download The app

Download The app

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